Trip38 – A Travel Idea worth Exploring

Wouldn’t it be cool to have someone take care of all the little travel details that can make or break a trip? A travel assistant, perhaps.

That’s exactly what Trip38 does; it acts as your personal travel assistant and helps you plan all the trip details on one simple platform.

You can painstakingly keep folders with your tickets, email them to your account, scour the net for travel tips and guides, or you can simply do it all with Trip38.

The mobile app, which is available for free download on an Android or iOS device is loaded with features that take the stress away from travel. It uses the right technology to redefine travel management.

Features that make Trip38 a travel assistant par none are:

  • Store paperless tickets and hotel booking details
  • Get alerts and flight notifications based on your itinerary
  • Search for facilities and services in airports
  • Know about all the sights and things to do in your destination city
  • Find your way around with the embedded map and GPS
  • Get all the emergency numbers in your destination city
  • Access all this information offline too!

Check out more features on Trip38 that make travel simple!

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